New Year, New You?

If you are coming out the other side of divorce right now as we start the new year, then best wishes to you and your future. I hope the new year makes you feel as if a new you is ready to take over the world, refreshed and full of life.
Happy New Year!

Divorce registries: Why not?

Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie’s mad because she is constantly buying wedding and baby shower gifts, but as a single girl, she feels she’ll never be repaid, so she wonders, after graduation, when do single gals ever get presents? (Starts at 8:58 here.) As my Self-Counsel publicist said, the idea of a divorce party is along the same lines … why shouldn’t you celebrate being single again? People celebrate everything else!

Anyway, I hear Demi Moore is rumored to be throwing a divorce party soon and apparently she has signed up for a registry. I think that is an awesome idea. Why would you want stuff around that, say, someone gave you for your wedding? It would just remind you of your ex. Get yourself a divorce party registry and get some new stuff. And then get rid of that old stuff that reminds you of the ex on Dreams Recycled.

Happy gifting and registry shopping!

Katie Holmes finally rumored to be throwing divorce bash

A few different outlets are reporting that Katie Holmes, (Tom Cruise’s ex wife and mother of Suri), is planning a divorce party a year after her divorce from Tom was finalized. 

It’s about time, if you ask me … at least, if the rumors are to be believed, she’s had a rough past year (and a rough end of her marriage) so I think she deserves to cut loose. I said she should have one a year ago when her divorce was finalized and it looks like she’s going to do it. I’m excited for her.

It appears she’s inviting close friends to a fancy spot in Manhattan. Sounds like a classy way to celebrate freedom and a fresh start. I bet it’ll be paparazzi free, so we probably won’t get to see how she does it (but Katie, if you want any ideas, message me)!

Casting call: Reality divorce show part two!

If you missed your first chance to forget the ex by getting famous (and therefore meeting all kinds of new people … maybe even better people … better looking and richer people? ) another chance to be casted on a divorced/divorcing reality show has been announced. There may still be time for your 15 minutes, ladies and gents!

Casting closes June 16th, 2013 so if you want this, jump on it now!

Heard through the grapevine:

BRAVO Is Casting COUPLES WHO ARE DIVORCING. If you’re having trouble dividing up your assets fairly, a matrimonial law and civil litigation attorney (Vikki Ziegler) can help get your items appraised and offer you free mediation. Email for more info.

It appears this is for Americans only, but I can’t yet confirm that so if you email from elsewhere and they’re interested please let me know.

Anyway, if you are going through a divorce and need a fresh start, what better time to be brave and try out for a reality show!? Of course, if you’re not the limelight type, you can still throw yourself a kick-ass divorce party in whatever style you’d like by grabbing a copy of the only divorce party guide you’ll need and planning the ultimate bash.

Say it with Hallmark?

I didn’t realize that Hallmark does almost literally have a card for everything these days, but I think it’s true. I was at Walmart, in the card aisle, and lo and behold, a “relationship issues” section featuring this beauty:

ex husband


I guess we should be sending cards for divorce parties, and really, what better time for a little humor?

Divorce ceremonies: A party alternative?

Divorce ceremonies are an increasingly popular alternative to divorce parties. They are a way of marking the end of a marriage and the beginning of the rest of your life. They do them in Japan, and in North America too! (I’m guessing they do them elsewhere as well, I just haven’t seen as much information on them elsewhere yet.)

They’re more formal than your average divorce party, and involve a celebrant (as you involved a celebrant or minister in your marriage). They aren’t necessarily a celebration (though they can be); they are most definitely a way of marking a major life transition and making it official.

I interviewed two celebrants who perform these divorce ceremonies for my ebook; one of them, Michele Davidson of Modern Celebrant, was recently profiled in the North Shore News. (More on her and what she does in my book.)

I’ve met more people who have thrown or say they would throw a divorce party than a divorce ceremony, but the popularity of the ceremony-style gathering is growing too. I guess some people would find it more satisfying? What about you? Which would you prefer, if you were going to throw one?

Exciting things happening

Big week around here.

First, I have been profiled on The Thirties Grind’s The “Real” Real Housewives series. Melissa of The Thirties Grind started profiling real Vancouverites (read: real women who aren’t necessarily rich or plastic or nutty) because the TV series Real Housewives of Vancouver was (is) so ridiculous and far from reality, as 99 percent of the population of Vancouver will attest. Also, I think 99 percent of us aren’t nearly as dramatic as the women on those shows. Sure, some of us get divorced and throw parties, but let’s not name names here … let’s just agree that the majority of us don’t create the kind of made-for-TV drama they do. 

(Holy … imagine a divorce party on a Real Housewives show!? Now that would be drama. Isn’t Adrienne Maloof on the Beverly Hills version getting divorced? Will she have a party? I admit, I’d probably watch, out of sheer curiosity.)

Second, a divorce party supplier has been trying to send me some fun party supplies for a giveaway, so as soon as that box arrives there will be a contest open to everyone everywhere (divorce parties are being thrown all over the world, so why not include anyone who wants in?)! I’m still figuring out the best way to do this, but if you’re looking at throwing a divorce party for yourself or a friend, this might be a good way to get some free supplies. Follow and stay tuned for updates.

As always, if you’re looking for divorce party ideas, have a look around, there are a ton here. And let me know what you do. Share your ideas or your divorce party stories here, if you like!

Freedom Party?

Another name for divorce or breakup parties, according to this report by the Vancouver Sun Online: Freedom Party!

To me, Freedom Party sounds almost political, but it’s the right idea. Divorce parties are about newfound (or re-found) freedom!

Agree/disagree? What’s the best divorce party name idea?

More divorce party ideas

In the past year alone, the Web has blown up with articles and posts talking about divorce parties; most of these sites are offering links to party supply stores but no actual ideas. Supplies are great and you may well need them, but maybe first you’d like to figure out what kind of divorce party to throw, right? Because who needs paper plates that say JUST DIVORCED if you’re throwing a divorce party trip to Vegas with your buddies, or a classy restaurant do? Figure out the style of the party first, and whether you want a theme other than “divorce party.”

So, without further ado, some more divorce party ideas (and if this is the first time you’re visiting, then know that you’ll also find divorce party ideas in previous posts such as Your divorce party questions answered: Ideas, themes, more! and Divorce party ideas and of course in the ebook How to Throw the Ultimate Divorce Party, available pretty much wherever you buy ebooks (Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Nook, etc.), or via the book image to the right of this page.

Some slogans:

  • Free at last!
  • Single and ready to mingle
  • Ditched the Bitch
  • Axed the Ex

Some locations for all kinds of budgets:

  • Las Vegas
  • A fancy cocktail bar (or a dive bar, if that’s more your style)
  • A backyard summer luau

Some ideas for refreshments (choose items that fit your theme; make it a play on words!)

  • Ale-imony
  • Split pea soup
  • Freedom fries (to put a different spin on ‘em)

More divorce party ideas to come. Let me know what you come up with too; share it in the comments or drop me a line!