Casting call: Reality divorce party

This is not the first time the producer of a reality show has contacted me, believe it or not. Television producers know that divorce parties are an up-and-coming kind of celebration, and they’re ON IT.

Yesterday, a very nice casting associate named Amy Lee sent me this information about the upcoming season of one already well-known show: My Fair Wedding with David Tutera! If you’re a US citizen in the LA area and you’re planning a divorce party for March through June 2013, read on and you could find yourself smack-dab in the middle of your fifteen minutes of fame.

(If they cast you, let me know!)

(And in a similar vein, hey, Bridezillas producers … imagine DivorceZillas? Bridezillas who get crazy about their divorce parties. The drama … I wouldn’t be able to turn away!)

But I digress. Here’s the information Amy sent me:

That’s right! Celebrity event planner David Tutera isn’t just making over
weddings on this season of We tv’s “My Fair Wedding.” He’s looking for ladies
with big personalities throwing big events that are too important to leave to the
amateurs. Let David take the reigns of your BIRTHDAY BASH, wild DIVORCE
PARTY, extravagant WEDDING or fabulous BATMITZVAH or SWEET 16.
You want the big day to be perfect, but things just aren’t going your way. So
call David today! He wants to show America what it takes to make the perfect
event — including the stresses, the obstacles, the joy and the tears. Whatever it
is, David Tutera can turn any problem into the perfect event for EVERYONE.
If you or someone you know is getting married or throwing a big event in the
L.A. area (or lives in L.A. but is throwing an event in Las Vegas) in MARCH,
APRIL, MAY or JUNE 2013, we want to hear from you.
Send an email to with the following information:
1. Name of the person(s) of honor (Bride/Groom, Birthday Girl, etc…)
2. His/her address(es)
3. His/her phone number(s)
4. His/her photo(s)
4. Event date, location and guest count
5. Brief explanation of how David can help
*Please also include a brief description and/or photos of existing plans (i.e., Dress, Venue,
Decor, etc…) if you have them! Applicants must be legal residents of the United States.)

7 thoughts on “Casting call: Reality divorce party

  1. Love, Love, Love this fun book! It makes divorce seem less daunting because there is a celebration at the end of all the divorce court drama!

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